pass on

pass on
1) (to give to someone else (usually something which one has been given by a third person): I passed on his message.) pasar, comunicar, transmitir
2) (to die: His mother passed on yesterday.) fallecer, morir
pass on
catar v.
1) v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<information\>\> pasar, dar*; \<\<infection\>\> contagiar, pegar* (fam)

the costs are passed on to the customer — los costos los paga el cliente, los costos se repercuten en or sobre el cliente

2) v + adv

to pass on to something — pasar a algo

1. VT + ADV
1) (=transfer) [+ information] pasar, comunicar, dar; [+ message] (written) dar, pasar; (spoken) dar, comunicar; [+ object] pasar; [+ disease] [person] contagiar; [animal] transmitir

I didn't want her to pass her cold on to me — no quería que me contagiara el constipado

they pass the increase on to the consumer — hacen que el consumidor cargue con el incremento

we pass our savings on to the customer — los ahorros redundan en favor de nuestros clientes

Sheila's having a party, pass it on! * — Sheila va a dar una fiesta, ¡corre la voz!

2) (=put in contact) [+ person]

to pass sb on to sb — poner a algn en contacto con algn; (on telephone) poner a algn con algn

I was passed on to another doctor — me mandaron a otro médico, me pusieron en contacto con otro médico

I'll pass you on to my supervisor — le pongo a mi supervisor

2. VI + ADV
1) (=proceed) pasar (to a)

they passed on to other matters — pasaron a discutir otros asuntos

the man lowered his eyes and passed on — el hombre bajó la vista y pasó de largo

2) euph (=die) fallecer
* * *
1) v + o + adv, v + adv + o \<\<information\>\> pasar, dar*; \<\<infection\>\> contagiar, pegar* (fam)

the costs are passed on to the customer — los costos los paga el cliente, los costos se repercuten en or sobre el cliente

2) v + adv

to pass on to something — pasar a algo

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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